Fourth, Missed the Podium, but Well Done.

photoReturn on the Bike after Five months

There should have been some reports of Fujinami in X-Trial at this time of the year, but there are none because he is not participating in the championship this year.

Fujinami had a surgery on his knee when the 2014 Outdoor season was over to fix the ligament problem he suffered about a year back. He could have had the surgery at the end of 2013 too, but he opted not to to continue his competition. Do do so, he concentrated in his training to build muscles to protect his knee and to be better shape in general to cover his disadvantages. He took a short time for resting after suffering the knee injury a year ago until the swelling went down, but he wasted not time to resume his training when the condition became reasonably good. When he became ready to ride the bike again, he had his body well shaped up with bigger and stronger muscles as if he was reborn. That helped him to participate in the X-Trial in January, and he produced some good results, too.

photoThis time, after the surgery, Fujinami was forced to spend time resting, being away from riding motorcycle, bicycle, nor doing physical training. It was the tough time to be resting for so long for Fujinami because he was born to be physical, moving his body, riding and training for his life.

Fujinami had an operation on last September, and rested for two months. He though continued to have a treatment to his body with some machines so that his body and muscles would not forget what they were for.

Start riding in the championship on January, four months after the surgery, does not sound reasonable, but Fujinami did not throw away the possibilities to return to the competition, and did not make a decision to the offer from the X-Trial for his participation as a nominated rider.

photoHe finally gave it up when he had an additional surgery on his knee on December to repair the structures of the knee such as cartilage. He needed the treatment as he abused his right knee to ride with the torn ligaments for the whole season. He still might have been looking for the fraction of possibility to take part in the championship if the pain went away, but of course the people around him would have desperately stopped the Japanese from making such move. He turned down the offer of the X-Trial at the last minute.

There are number of doctors who are taking care of Fujinami's knee. The doctor who was in charge of the surgery, sport doctor at Montesa, and the doctor who works as a physical trainer for Fujinami. They all gave him a big support, as well as the support from the people at trial community. They all helped Fujinami making a strong and steady recovery.

photoFive months after having the surgery, Fujinami finally went back on a motorcycle for the first time. Even for this, doctors gave him reluctant 'go', but it was enough for him as a 'go' meant 'go'. He has never stayed away from riding motorcycle for a long time like five months ever since he started to ride at the age of three. He enjoyed every minute of returning on the bike as if he was a three years old kid. However, the difference was that his body and his brain remembered that they belonged to the man of the world championship top class rider. Without any physical training and all, his riding technics and the experiences he accumulated after 30 years of his career have not gone away.

photoFujinami is now everyday doing his riding and his training that he missed in the fast forward mode. Fighting off the pain to ride and compete seemed much easier for the Japanese than having orders not to ride. At the moment, his knee has not recovered to the pleasing level. He knows that the torn ligaments would never recover to its original condition, too. However the ligaments are now re-joined and working the way they are supposed to. There is a pain, but he can manage such feeling.

2015 season awaits in a month. Fujinami, who has started his riding about a month ago, setting his goal to bring up his riding to the top level in the championship and working intensively. There should be only a month for all the Fujigas fan to see his resurrection.