Fujinami Injured


photoTakahisa Fujinami suffered the knee injury while he was in his training riding session. The incident happened on Sep 14th, when he landed his foot got caught up and the force twisted his knee causing cruciate ligaments rupture. He had the knee protector on, but it might be somehow a bit out of his size and it did not do the job. After seeing his personal sports trainer and discussed his option, at the moment, he opts not to have an operation. Injury like he suffered is critical for football and basket players and so on, and there is no option other than having an operation. The ligaments do not cure itself so transplant is necessary. That will cause about six months being immobilized, completely away from riding. The operation cannot be done while the injured part being swelled up, so he has to wait about two to three weeks even he wants to have the operation. Seven months for a total to be out of riding will not only take away the chance to be a part of the coming Indoor
Championship in 2014 as well as Outdoor Championship.

Without an operation, he will have to build up his muscle for a natural protector. Even now with his knee swelled up, he uses training machine called Complex so that the muscles will not atrophy too much. He will continue his treatment with the machine, and then start doing some physical training. He will decide whether he needs an operation when checking up the condition after about a month, after his effort to building up the muscles work as he wishes.

photoIf the all the things go in the best way, there will be the news that Fujinami starts riding his bike about a month and a half from now. He expects a big difficulty for fighting off the injury, but at the same time, he knows he needs to conquer this difficulty if he wants to return to the competition as a top rider.

2013 season ended without achieving the goal he set up, and there are things he needs to sort out during this off season. He has started to prepare for the coming season, but now, he has to change the whole plan. It was the least thing he could do to get injured. While he will be out of riding the bike, he says he takes it positively so he can concentrate on psychological training more than he previously planned. Although, the situation is hard, he is determined to face the treatment actively, and ready for the hard rehabilitation with his throttle wide open.