2010 Indoor World Trial Championship Round4

Madrid, Spain - 13/3/2010

Out before Final again, 5th Place

photoFourth round of the Indoor World Trial championship took place in Madrid. There will be only one more round to go in this championship, and the season closer will be held in Majorca at the end of March. Fujinami once again could not take advantage of the new rule, and faced a bit of bad luck. He fought back from Last Chance to Semi Final but unable to proceed to the Final to finish fifth place.

The time schedule was unusual in Madrid to divide the Qualification into two parts. The first part with three sections took place without spectators in the stadium, and the second part with two sections resumed after two hours of interval . Fujimani and Fajardo were joint fourth after the five sections, so they went onto to ride an additional section for the tie break. Fujinami found the section was cleanable, and he thought the riding time would be crucial. He was first to ride, so only thing he could do was to try to ride as quick as possible. His plan though didn't work out, actually went the opposite way, as he made an error at the end of the section to drop five points. Then it was a comfortable ride for Fajardo, being no need to rush, and he footed a couple of times to finish with two points to capture the ticket for Semi Final.

photoFujinami Gubian, Dabill and Gomez went on to Last Chance of one Double-Lane and two trial sections. Fujinami was joint second with three points with Gomez as they rode the section1, but the Japanese's second place was secured when the Spaniard dropped five points at the section2. Fujinami too dropped five points at the second2, but it wasn't just a mistake, he told us later. He rode vigorously at the section taking a risk for dropping five to entertain the audience. He so ended with five, but fans loved the action and gave a big applause.

Fujinami was the first starter in Semi Final based on the previous results. He rode with a single point at the section3 - first section in Semi Final, in which all the other riders except Dabill marked clean. At the following section, everybody except Bou dropped five points. Section5 was tricky, cleanable but difficult to finish in time. Fujinami marked clean but dropped two time penalty points, where Fajardo, Cabestany and Raga also marked clean with one time penalty point. Fujinami wasn't on hurry in the section but five seconds too much and dropped one more TP than the Spanish trio. As three sections of trial riding was over, it was Bou, who led the field with two points. Fajardo, Cabestany and Raga dropped six points respectively to be joint second. Fujinami was two points down from the trio at fifth, so his chance for Final was gone before the Double Lane. Trying to beat the opponent at the DL didn't seem to be enough, Fujinami thought, he wanted to show something to
pump up to the audience again. He then made a big jump at the table top, where no other riders tried to ride that way. Fans at the stadium loved the flamboyant action, and again they gave him tumultuous applause.

photoThere was a misfortune in Fujinami's team. Josep, the minder, injured his arm when he tried to support Fujinami's bike during Qualification. Montesa team doesn't have second minders at the Indoor championship, but Bou's second minder for the Outdoor championship, who also works as a transporter driver for the team, was at the venue, took up Josep's position. But the combination on very short notice did not work in great form.

Quote from Fujigas:

My riding wasn't so bad, but the results doesn't prove it. I am bogged down with the new rules, and continuously out of Final. I know speaking of 'what if' doesn't help, but I am so frustrated that can't help thinking that my result was different if my starting order was later or my riding time was quicker, things like that. Audience was happy with my action at Last Chance and Semi Final. That was the least thing to be glad about. At the final round, I hope it's my turn to be happy with a strong result.

2010 Indoor World Trial Championship
Round4 - Madrid, Spain
1 Toni Bou Repsol Montesa HRC 4
2 Adam Raga Gas Gas 7
3 Albert Cabestany Sherco 9
4 Jeroni Fajardo Beta 14
Semi Final
1 Toni Bou Repsol Montesa HRC 2
2 Adam Raga Gas Gas 6
3 Albert Cabestany Sherco 7
4 Jeroni Fajardo Beta 7
5 Takahisa Fujinami Repsol Montesa HRC 8
6 James Dabill Gas Gas 15
Last Chance
1 James Dabill Gas Gas 5
2 Takahisa Fujinami Repsol Montesa HRC 8
3 Alfredo Gomez Montesa 8
4 Loris Gubian Gas Gas 11
1 Toni Bou Repsol Montesa HRC 0
2 Adam Raga Gas Gas 1
3 Albert Cabestany Sherco 5
4 Jeroni Fajardo Beta 7
5 Takahisa Fujinami Repsol Montesa HRC 7
6 James Dabill Gas Gas 10
7 Loris Gubian Gas Gas 18
8 Alfredo Gomez Montesa 20
9 Alexz Wigg Beta 25
Point Standings
1 Toni Bou 75
2 Albert Cabestany 62
3 Adam Raga 40
4 James Dabill 35
5 Jeroni Fajardo 30
6 Takahisa Fujinami 23