2006 Indoor World Trial Championship Round 5

Barcelona, Spain - 5/2/2006 - Attendance: 8,000

Missing the final lap but satisfying results

Having the first podium finish of the season a week ago in Milan, Fujinami wanted to have another good result at his team's home round in Barcelona to keep the momentum. He finished fourth after D-L battle against Bou, but he was satisfied with the results, because he and the team earned positive feedbacks from the round.

After the Italian round, Fuji caught a very bad cold, and he spent most of the weekdays staying in the bed. He had a practice session on Thursday when he thought he got well, but it was a bad move for him as his condition became worse next day. He spent two more days seeing the doctors and resting before going to the stadium.

Traditionally,the sections in Barcelona have been set up linearly using huge materials. A year ago, the team Montesa was right in a middle of the new four-stroke bike development. While the rivals showing a little sign of trouble climbing the huge steps, Lampkin, Fuji and Freixa, three Montesa riders struggled a lot, slipping down from many sections. Although further development has taken place to their four-stroke bikes, fundamentally they were still the same bikes, so Fuji wasn't optimistic how the bike would work against Barcelona monster sections at this year's event.

Bouwas the first rider to start the qualification lap. He didn't seem to have too much trouble even at some of the tough sections to finish with ten points including four cleans. Fuji thought it could be one of the best ride for the lap.

Lampkinstarted his ride following another wild card Morris, but he struggled a lot like last year, having five fives to finish with twenty-six points. It made Fuji wonder if their bikes were not up to the challenge even having a year of hard work and experiences they gained. He was afraid it was going to be another very tough challenge.

Cabestanyand Raga, two championship leaders followed Lampkin, and they rode better than Bou. Cabestany finished with six points including one five, and Raga finished with four points only. Fuji said afterward that he was so impressed by their performances. Being the final rider to start, Fuji first thought to make a game plan by observing the other, but having the rivals riding almost error free, he had no choice other than trying to mark clean at every section.

The lap started better for Fuji than last year's event, where he had a bad fall at the opening section to bend the front forks. He had three consecutive cleans before adding five at the section four. Fuji was specially happy when he marked clean at the section three - a huge obstacle to climb - where both Bou and Fajardo failed to climb. He had another five at the section six and two points at the final section to finish the lap with twelve points.

AlthoughFuji was two points behind Bou, he had more time left than the wild card rider. So, he had a chance to go to the final lap if he could beat Bou at both D-Ls. It was a nerve breaking battle at the end of the qualification lap for both of them; Fuji needed nothing but winning, and Bou had to fight against the rider known to be very strong at the D-L battle.

Bouled early at the first D-L, and Fuji closing the gap from behind. Fuji rode very aggressively though the D-L in Barcelona was very demanding. But it didn't turn out well for Fuji and he made a mistake slipping down at one of the sections. He managed to avoid taking five points, but he lost the battle adding three more points when he finished. So, there was one final battle at D-L between Fuji and Bou. Bou, after having five points lead over Fuji rode very carefully, letting Fuji win but secured the spot for the final lap.

Normally, Fuji would stay to watch the game, but he left early as he didn't feel well at all. Fuji gave a word to encourage Bou before leaving the stadium. It was next Monday when he got out of the bed to find out that it was Bou who took the victory in Barcelona.

Quote from Fujigas:

Although fourth wasn't a great result, I am satisfied with the way things went, because I rode far better than last year to be very close to go to the final lap. Things are getting better than the beginning of the season, and the team gave me thumbs up in Barcelona. We now know better about the bike and know how to set it up right. I got used to the bike a lot with a year of experience, and it helps too.

We are going to have a new bike for coming Outdoor season, and I know for sure the results were different if we had the bike here too. I am very much looking forward to fight the season with the new bike.

Indoor Trial World Championship 2006
Final Lap
1. Toni Bou Beta 9
2. Albert Cabestany Sherco 23
3. Adam Raga Gas Gas 25
Qualificarion Lap
1. Adam Raga Gas Gas 6
2. Albert Cabestany Sherco 6
3. Toni Bou Beta 11
4. Takahisa Fujinami Repsol Montesa HRC 15
5. Jeroni Fajardo Gas Gas 20
6. Dougie Lampkin Repsol Montesa HRC 26
7. Shaun Morris Gas Gas 31
Point Standings
1. Adam Raga 42
2. Albert Cabestany 37
3. Toni Bou 35
4. Jeroni Fajardo 26
5. Takahisa Fujinami 23
6. Dougie Lampkin 17
7. Daniele Maurino 4
8. Shaun Morris 3
9. James Dabill 3
10. Jerome Bethune 2
11. Tadeusz Blazusiak 1

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