2006 Indoor World Trial Championship Round 3

Granada, Spain - 22/1/2006 - Attendance: 6,000

Frustration Builds up with Consecutive Fifth Places

Fujinami didn't think the sections in Granada were going to be a real challenge when he inspected them before the event with his team-mate. They thought they had better chances than the first two rounds. But when the event got under way, Spanish riders dominated the top four in the qualification lap again. Both Montesa riders missed the final, and for Fuji, it was three consecutive fifth places in 2006.

Spaniards have stepped up in the indoor championship, and it seems that they are getting out of reach of Fuji and Lampkin. But there was another advantage contributing to a success of Spaniards in Granada. To effectively hold both Spanish and the world championship events, the organizer brought the same materials that were used in the Spanish series. So, while some of the riders were figuring out the way to ride, it was matter of trying to remember how they rode last time for those who have participated the Spanish championship.

Fuji says he's been having very good outdoor training sessions on weekdays, and he has no doubt about his condition being a lot better than last year. Although having another disappointing result at Marseilles, Fuji arrived in Granada expecting to turn it around after getting a positive feedback from his training.

Bou,who now became the regular face in the series, started the qualification lap second after Dabill. Although the Briton fived all seven sections and high-jump, Bou showed no sign of trouble to finish the lap with three penalty points. Italian rider Maurino followed next, and he had a better luck than Dabill to finish with twenty-seven points. Cabestany and Raga, two permanent riders started before Fuji, and both showed almost perfect ride to finish with one penalty point. Fuji knew he didn't have much room for making mistakes if he wanted to go to the final lap.

Fuji started with a single point error at the first section. He then marked cleans at the following two sections. But his hope for the final slipped away when he couldn't climb the big step at the section four to add five points. He had another five at the section five to finish the lap with eleven points. Fajardo was next and he rode well having mistake free for five sections, but he suddenly lost his rhythm adding two five points penalties at the end of his run to finish with ten penalty points.

Loosing the chance for the final, but Fuji had a slim chance to improve his result from the previous rounds if Fajardo lost his double-lane with extra mistake. But Fajardo managed to win the DL against Bou, keeping his penalty points at ten, and Fuji's fifth place was fixed.

Fujiknows he is in good shape, but so far his results haven't support his words. And having no decent result, it's getting difficult for him and the team to keep their motivation. Fuji salutes the performance of Spaniards with their riding style well being matched with indoor competition. The problem for non-Spanish riders is clear that they are not familiar with indoor competition. As Spanish riders improving their indoor skills, the gap between them and non-Spanish riders is getting bigger. It is going to be a real test for Fuji and the team Montesa for the rest of the indoor season.

Quote from Fujigas:

So far it seems that I can't improve my results as it's my third time to finish fifth. I feel great when I go to the indoor round because my outdoor training on weekdays is going well. But as the results show, I leave the stadium being frustrated. It was the most disappointing round so far because my practice session went very well. I need to find the way to get involved with Spanish riders. We are leaving Spain, so I hope I will fight better at the coming round.

Indoor Trial World Championship 2006
Final Lap
1. Albert Cabestany Sherco 3
2. Adam Raga Gas Gas 7
3. Toni Bou Beta 12
Qualificarion Lap
1. Albert Cabestany Sherco 1
2. Adam Raga Gas Gas 2
3. Toni Bou Beta 4
4. Jeroni Fajardo Gas Gas 10
5. Takahisa Fujinami Repsol Montesa HRC 11
6. Dougie Lampkin Repsol Montesa HRC 14
7. Daniele Maurino Gas Gas 27
8. James Dabill Beta 40
Point Standings
1. Adam Raga 26
2. Albert Cabestany 21
3. Toni Bou 21
4. Jeroni Fajardo 19
5. Takahisa Fujinami 12
6. Dougie Lampkin 9
7. James Dabill 3
8. Daniele maurino 2
9. Jerome Bethune 2
10. Tadeusz Blazusiak 1
11. Shaun Morris 1

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