2005 Spanish Championship Round 1

3/4/2005 Ciudad de Mancha Real

Solid response on his first Outdoor competition

The first round of the Spanish Championship took place in Mancha Real. The series has been attracting the world's top class riders with competitive practice opportunity. For the first round, 13 riders entered, with Tadeusz Blazusiak, Dougie Lampkin and Fujinami were three non-Spanish riders.

Originally in 2004 season, Fuji planned to actively participate the series for fighting for the title. However, the regulation was altered, so non-Spanish riders lost eligibility for taking the title. Fuji then changed the plan, and he skipped some rounds, such as round 4, which was held a week before the Outdoor round in Japan. When the Outdoor season was over, he did not take part in the remaining rounds in the Spanish Championship. Therefore, Fuji finished 10th in the open class in 2004. Fuji's teammate Lampkin also missed some rounds to finish 5th in the series.

The starting order in Spanish Championship is decided in the same manner as the World Championship, and riders are divided into 5-men group for drawing ballots. Being 10th in the series, Fuji was placed in the second group. Lampkin meanwhile was placed in the first group. Both Montesa riders took the worst ballot, and Fuji was 4th to start, with Lampkin taking the 9th spot for the starting order.

Due to rainfall the day before, sections were slippery. After having volume of complaints from the riders against sections being too difficult and risky, the organizer made some alterations to make them easier. It was a bad news for Fuji not only he liked the sections to be difficult, but also it forced him a careful inspection of the sections before attacking.

Three riders starting before Fuji didn't give so much riding hints to Fuji, as there was a considerable difference in riding skills. Practically speaking, Fuji was the first rider to go through most of the sections. He needed to find the riding line and leaving nice marks for the riders starting behind him.

There was a change in Spanish championship for this year that time-allowance was shortened to 4 hour and 30 minutes for overall with 2 hour 30 minutes limitation for lap 1. It was a tough and busy ride on the first lap for Fuji, that he had spent 1 hour 50 minute when he arrived at section 8, leaving only 40 minutes to complete 7 more timed sections. From section 11 to 14, Fuji had no choice but attacking the sections without inspection for saving time. Fuji finished the lap with 24 points, more than a double score comparing to the score of eventual event winner Cabestany.

Sections became much drier and easier than the first lap, and Fuji showed a strong performance on lap 2. Fuji believed that it was possible for him to score all clean, but he made some small mistakes completing the lap with 2 penalty points. It was the best score of the lap, where Raga followed him with 3 points and Cabestany with 7 points.

By taking 2 more points on lap 2, Fuji lost the final podium position to Freixa. There were only 8 points separation between Fuji and the second placed Raga too. It was the first Outdoor competition on a new 4-stroke bike for Fuji, and he was happy to show a solid performance on lap2. He knows now that the potential of the bike is high and his condition is pretty well too.

Quote from Fujigas:

Although finishing 4th wasn't great, I am happy with my performance especially on lap2. My boss gave me a high-five for my rides on lap2 too. It is nice to participate in the Spanish championship, because it gives us a chance to have the world-class competition and allows us to collect valuable feedbacks. I am very much looking forward to this Outdoor season now.

Spanish Championship 2005
Ciudad de Mancha Real
Senior A
  rider   L1 L2 TO Pts CL
1 Albert Cabestany Sherco 10 7 1 18 22
2 Adam Raga Gas Gas 19 3 0 22 20
3 Marc Freixa Montesa 16 9 0 25 12
4 Takahisa Fujinami Honda 24 2 0 26 22
5 Dougie Lampkin Montesa 20 7 0 27 18
6 Toni Bou Beta 15 17 0 32 18
7 Daniel Oliveras Gas Gas 44 28 1 73 4
8 Tadeusz Blazusiak Gas Gas 38 30 6 74 8
9 Daniel Gibert Gas Gas 55 40 0 95 3
10 Jose-Maria Juan Montesa 63 62 2 127 0
11 Diego Garrido Montesa 67 61 0 128 0
12 Joan Cordon Gas Gas 68 66 0 134 0
13 Daniel Cuerdo Gas Gas 75 75 0 150 0
DNF Jeroni Fajardo Gas Gas - - - - -
L1: Lap1 L2: Lap2 TO: Time Over Pts: Penalty Point CL:Clean

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